#1 Month

1 month down 🇩🇪
Wow a month already! I guess time flies bye when your having fun.
for this month I have already done so much. I have started language school, met my actual school class and went for 2 days, explored around Köln, gone to the Museum in Bonn where i was able to meet a lot of other exchange students, gone tobogganing (because I can’t ski), joined a soccer club (and won the tournament!!!), attempted building a snow man, been to a small Karneval (for kids), and met many people.
Now this has been a lot for me seeing as I’ve also been in language school for this time as well as everything else. Everyday has been a bit tiring for me. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve had some days where I’m feeling down. And sometimes I just need some alone time we’re I can play my guitar and relax.

I really am enjoying my language school and will be sad to leave it in the next coming week. The only time I will be going back there is for my test! 😬
I have been to my school already for only 2 days. It was ok but I wasn’t able to do anything and just sat at my table laughing with a friend of mine for the classes. I am in a Bilingual class. They have half classes in English and half in German.
My language has been going well (i think). I have been able to help 2 people already who’ve come up to me asking for directions (felt pretty proud of myself for helping them in German!). My language school has really helped me and also my 2 weeks of extra lessons. To help me learn the language i have been watching some movies and shows in German, and also listening to German music (although all the new German music is rap so it’s not the best). I have also been trying really hard to speak German to my family but it’s really hard and I feel like my words are all over the place (at least they can understand me).
It has also been great to have met the other exchange students (one from Australia) because then I get to see that I’m not alone and everyone else is going through or has gone through the same things as me. The majority of the exchange students have already been there for 6 months so they have been giving me some advice.
Overall this has been such a great month! I just want to thank everyone who made this trip possible! Xx

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